pvcaptest is intended to facilitate capacity testing following ASTM E2848 - Standard Test Method for Reporting Photovoltaic Non-Concentrator System Performance. The pvcaptest module contains a single class, CapData, which provides methods for loading, visualizing, filtering, and regressing capacity testing data. The module also includes functions that take CapData objects as arguments and provide summary data and capacity test results.

You can download the presentation introducing pvcaptest at the PVPMC modeling workshop this past May.

Please see the Installation page for installation help.

An example of a complete capacity test using pvcaptest is available in the examples section. The examples are all produced from Jupyter notebooks and an interactive version can be launched by clicking on the ‘launch binder’ button.

This project is under active development with a goal of releasing a v1.0 with a stable API. Please see the github page for the source code. Ongoing work is tracked in the Github projects and issues. If you have suggestions for improvements or find any bugs, please open an issue.


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